Alcan - Boilermakers
Powell River
Revelstoke Night


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In loving memory of our Brothers and Sisters that have gone before us.
Goodbye, til morning comes again; we part, but not in hopeless pain.

The night is short, and hope is sweet, it fills our hearts and speeds our feet.
And so we chant the sweet refrain, goodbye, til morning comes again.


Rick ClarkJanuary 14th
Wayne AlcockJanuary 20thView Photo
David PatersonFebruary 6th
Gordon BruggemanFebruary 12th
Fred HofferMarch 4thView Photo
William TallasMarch 6thView Photo
Paul GlowatskiMarch 30th
Brian LeonardApril 22ndView Photo
Pompeu Setas May 21stView Photo
Mike HastingsMay 27thView Photo
Mathew Keen July 1st
Roy BuckberryJuly 13thView Photo
Cliff Holland July 30th
Emil GarayAugust 23rdView Photo


Raymond GosseJanuary 13th
Charles HildebrandtJanuary 21stView Photo
David Novak February 2ndView Photo
Andrew McCreadieFebruary 15th
Floyd JoyalFebruary 28th
Stephen PenneyMarch 9thView Photo
John SpinkApril 18thView Photo
Samantha MeyerApril 25thView Photo
Michael SapachJune 26th
David MarchJune 26th
William A. Evans July 12th
Gordon Carlysle-SmithJuly 21st
Mervin Noble July 22ndView Photo
Jamieson Anderson July 23rdView Photo
Peter Poohkay July 29thView Photo
John YoungerAugust 7th
Greg Grierson August 15thView Photo
Brian Goodall September 28th
Wayne Kennedy December 5th
Colin Jobi December 7thView Photo
Robert TomsicDecember 14th
David Tiili December 16th
Joe ValiukasDecember 22nd
Neville Pemberton December 29thView Photo


Arthur Lebel January 12thView Photo
Andrew Gustitus January 22nd
William Kehler March 11thView Photo
James LeGreeley March 13thView Photo
James OlverMarch 20thView Photo
John PeitzMarch 21stView Photo
Ivan AndersonMarch 22nd
Keith PowerApril 7th
Edward (Ed) JacksonApril 30thView Photo
Gheorghe (George) Serban May 15thView Photo
Erik Stenerud July 12thView Photo
Randy Bedard August 16thView Photo
Moe Barber August 28thView Photo
Reginald Beaubien August 29th
Lionel Jubinville September 22ndView Photo
Chad KibermanisSeptember 29thView Photo
William Young October 17thView Photo
Thomas EllisOctober 25thView Photo
Nick Ciocea October 31stView Photo
Gordon Brundige November 27thView Photo
Bill BohaychukNovember 29thView Photo
Irene BjerkyDecember 6thView Photo
Morris SydorDecember 7thView Photo
Crystal Humphrey-NutterDecember 26thView Photo


Brent DaggittJanuary 27thView Photo
John (Dave) EvansFebruary 13th
William Crompton March 2ndView Photo
George LastApril 12thView Photo
Stan ZelmerMay 1st
James Allen May 13th
Maurice Lange June 17thView Photo
Jared KinakinAugust 9th
Denis Durocher August 17th
Ronald McClartyAugust 19th
Frank Buchenel August 31st
James LewisSeptember 2nd
Peter McCrea
September 8thView Photo
Gary Le Comte October 24thView Photo
Henry EppNovember 1stView Photo
John SobatNovember 20thView Photo
Steve HawkerNovember 26thView Photo
JongJun Kim December 6th
James P. Mayer December 27th
Victor Schoening December 31stView Photo


Ray AndersonJanuary 19th
Remo Corrizzato January 25thView Photo
Frimen Tomsic February 26thView Photo
Bervin Rode February 27thView Photo
Garry Salmond March 7thView Photo
Walter MarkinMarch 11thView Photo
Jayson Hodel March 22ndView Photo
Mike DiplockMarch 27th
Cyril Nickless March 28th
Ralph WatsonMarch 30thView Photo
Kenneth GintherApril 12th
Larry CarothersApril 14thView Photo
Anthony CoxMay 8th
Ennio Gasbarri June 12thView Photo
Edward Morgan October 6th
Curtiss Klassen October 11thView Photo
Ivan ShookOctober 19thView Photo
Ron RoszakOctober 29thView Photo
Tom Nickiforek December 2ndView Photo
William (Bill) L’Hirondelle December 2nd
Orville Edgar December 6thView Photo


Ed MurphyFebruary 19thView Photo
Darcy LoxtonApril 2ndView Photo
Keith FiskApril 13thView Photo
Doug MacDonaldMay 5thView Photo
James GloorJuly 3rdView Photo
Herb EricksonJuly 11th
Brad CarlsonAugust 14thView Photo
Stewart SmithSeptember 3rd
John GosvigNovember 15thView Photo
Reo CurtisNovember 26thView Photo
Rick SmithSeptember 6th
Ryan JacksonDecember 15thView Photo


Fernand GirardJanuary 1st
Gary CrosbyMarch 4thView Photo
Frank NormandeauApril 20thView Photo
Rick ParsonsApril 25thView Photo
Brady SchillMay 7th
Scott D'Arcy May 13thView Photo
Glen FraserAugust 7thView Photo
Steven ThomasAugust 28thView Photo
Derrick RockhillSeptember 16thView Photo
Henry JoyalSeptember 19thView Photo
Don VinolyNovember 1stView Photo
Roy EdgarNovember 4thView Photo
Randy SkittNovember 11thView Photo
Glen BrundigeNovember 18thView Photo


Raymond DohertyJanuary 4th
Doug CoursonJanuary 7thView Photo
Gordon BergApril 3rdView Photo
William (Billy) BeckettApril 21stView Photo
Nikkolas SteenhuisenMay 14thView Photo
Daniel PolonicoffMay 20thView Photo
Robert StephansonMay 29thView Photo
Raymond CurtisJune 24thView Photo
Fred DombroskyJuly 8thView Photo
Wayne CarterJuly 10thView Photo
John HotterJuly 19th
David TurnbullJuly 29th
Vince HeppellAugust 6thView Photo
Joe BullockAugust 11th
Fred LangerAugust 30thView Photo
Rolf HallerOctober 12thView Photo
Michael RealffOctober 16th
Leo VenneNovember 4th
Joe FluryNovember 7thView Photo
Patrick RozekDecember 22nd


Bruce HendersonFebruary 4thView Photo
Linus GeierFebruary 8thView Photo
George MackenFebruary 25th
Doug Wood February 27thView Photo
Sam NaiduMarch 9thView Photo
Gordon McQuarrieMarch 13th
Leonard WerdenMarch 19thView Photo
Kenneth MuscroftApril 12thView Photo
Leo PanteleosMay 13th
David KnightJune 13th
Melvin WattsJuly 14thView Photo
David NicholsonAugust 19th
Leslie EdgarSeptember 17thView Photo
Brian BakerDecember 10thView Photo


Eckart Grueber January 22 View Photo
Dan Steele March 3 View Photo
Brent Fellows May 16 View Photo
Barry Dunnett June 25
Bill Relkov August 8 View Photo
John McManus September 11 View Photo
George Tanner September 20 View Photo
Yvon Houle November 3
Peter Nicholas November 17 View Photo


Alan Walter January 27
Omer Dumas January 30
Les Sandberg February 10 View Photo
Eric Becherer February 16
Hein Grossert April 2 View Photo
Don McGowan April 6 View Photo
Donald Becker July 13
Fortune Falcomer September 4 View Photo
Joe Boulin October 14
Al Sutton October 18 View Photo
Harry Olund October 30
Frank McLay November 15 View Photo
Peter Hoffer December 6 View Photo
Gordon Spicer December 11
Greg McCauley December 21
Jack Nikkel December 25
Wayne Dixon December 27


Lawrence Landels January 4
Terry Murphy January 18 View Photo
Gilbert Gollan January 20
John Hoskins January 27 View Photo
James Kennedy January 31
Roc Curtis February 2
Chuck Shea February 9
Jacques Lynch February 28 View Photo
Pasquale Anastasio March 6
Roger Gillis March 31
Ross Melvin May 1
Russell Earle May 5 View Photo
Clifton Noiles May 7 View Photo
Earl Rochon June 5
Len Dimery July 16 View Photo
Jim Soos October 1
Joe Zess December 19 View Photo


William Sigerson January 6 View Photo
Arthur Lemon January 7 View Photo
Willi Vogt January 19 View Photo
Linus Yambury January 22
Tom Clement March 13 View Photo
George Elchuk April 21
John Barclay April 26 View Photo
Donald Bayntun May 11
Lorne Penner May 23
Larry Graham May 30
Darren Bachewich June 11
David Papineau June 11
Patrick Martin August 22 View Photo
Peter Selberis September 9 View Photo
Ron Coultish October 3
Metro Chaban November 1 View Photo
Josip Tomichich November 17 View Photo
Patrick Farrell November 17
Terry Holmberg December 3 View Photo
Al Prendergast December 10 View Photo


Ed Hartwich January 10
Sam Alexander April 15 View Photo
John Hambalek May 26 View Photo
William Edgar June 5
Peter Wagner June 28
Ted Mackenzie July 15 View Photo
Ralph Humphrey Sr. August 6 View Photo
Robert Lacey August 15 View Photo
William Charun September 14 View Photo
Paul Douglas October 20 View Photo
Al Samiroden November 26 View Photo
John Taylor December 18


Dieter Ronneburger January 5 View Photo
Clifford Andrews February 22
Raymond Smith Febraury 28 View Photo
Walter Harbord April 5 View Photo
William Morgan April 9
Norm Banville April 20
Tanner Valouch May 22 View Photo
Armand Nicholas July 2
Glenn Jackson July 5
Jamie Magoffin August 27
Arne Stenerud September 27
David Power October 1
Ed Tait October 4
James McCormack November 6 View Photo
Jason Caley December 30


Richard Johnson January 14
Donald Yaskow February 4
Brian Tellier February 6
Randy Davis February 24
Steve Lawrence February 26
Maxwell Gerrard February 27 View Photo
Michael Matheway March 12
Walter Mayer April 10 View Photo
Martin Nicholson April 26
Nicky Rudy June 14 View Photo
Stanley Grenier June 18 View Photo
Gordon McKay August 11
Barry Walsh August 17
John Gollan September 17 View Photo
Greg Belanger September 30
Donald Chisholm November 3
Grange Burkholder November 8
David Freiheit November 9


David Craig January 13 View Photo
Terry Evans February 5 View Photo
Darrell Manning February 10
Horst Sonsalla March 21
Mike Fuchihara April 3
Glynn Graydon May 2 View Photo
Herk Wilson May 25
L. Gordon Hadley August 7
Joe McKee August 9
Karl Volkmer August 4 View Photo
Bob Winder August 8
Brian Fisk December 5
Arno Siedschlag October 1


Ralph Humphrey Jr. April 5 View Photo
Bill Stimson April 19
Paul Petruk May 7
Lawrence Blanchard May 21 View Photo
Ray Jordan Sr. May 23
John Greksa May 27
Kelvin Schreiner June 18
Roy Bird June 30
Joseph Reckwardt July 17
Giovanni Pagliardi September 13
Ivan (John) Holota October 13
Ernest Petersen December 15
Bertrand Moreau December 19 View Photo
Rod Cody December 25
Gurdial Kang December 31


Robert Garriock January 6
Nathan Geller January 10
Arne Siira February 7
Herb Willmott March 13
Richard Reid April 6
Perry Mang June 13 View Photo
John Clark June 28
Stephen Dodd September 20 View Photo
Rick Jering December 15


Brian Taylor February 5 View Photo
John Leslie April 25
Bob Evans August 8
Ernie Martell September 22
Paul Karpenko October 5
Louis Lirette October 9
Randy Walsh October 12
Robert Asleson October 28
Bill Soukeroff December 6
Don Gray December 15


Peter Allan January 10
George McDermott February 24
Jim Dawson March 2
John Duthie March 30
Colin Curtis April 25
Norman Maughan April 25
Howard Weaving May 23
Dean Greengrove June 11
Andrew Maddock Sr. June 11
Ven Johnson September 6
Lloyd Moores September 11
Alan McKay September 30 View Photo
Jim Dunbar December 3
Cal Pierce December 7


Bob Harjadene February 3
Morris Hook February 6
Lorne Wilson February 13
Walter Wanchulak February 16
Roger Beauregard March 24
Walter Cunningham April 9
Norm Erickson May 6
Craig Koivisto May 20
Gil Cook May 27
Lawrence Gaudette May 31
Terry Donaldson June 28
Eric Cass September 19
George Moreau October 2
Ed Harper October 6
John Morrison November 7
Robert Young December 29


Ed Collins January 1
Cliff Taylor January 2
Percy Griffith January 5
John Peters January 9
RA (Buck) Rogers January 22
Richard Demeester February 3
Bert Brown March 6
Pete Gordy March 26
Judd Graham April 13
John Kenny May 12
Otto Peace June 8
Thomas McDonald June 12
Veikko Ahokangas August 6
Bruce Barry August 23
Michael Kripp September 8
Frank Kuva September 10
Ernest Bartholomew October 11
Ernie Guise December 16
Gary Neumann December 27
Lee Beckman Unknown


Mel Aubertin April 26
Ted Komar June 10
Bill Strandt June 23
WE (Bill) Mason July 7
John Barry August 25
Herman Neckel October 20
Darren Key November 27
Warren Winnig December 19