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International Brotherhood of Boilermakers - Lodge 359

A journeyperson boilermaker is a tradesperson who must possess the full range of knowledge, abilities and skills required to fabricate, construct, install, assemble, erect, demolish, repair and maintain a wide variety of vessels, tanks, towers, boilers, hoists and other structures, ancillary equipment and fixtures made of steel, other metals, fiberglass, and other materials. The broad scope of the boilermaker trade includes the construction and maintenance activities performed in the field and in industrial and commercial plants such as

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Quality Control Council of Canada
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Group of Ironworkers



Annual 359 Fishing Derby 2023

Job Opportunity with the IBB

Parkland Trade Retention Information + Map links

Details for the Travel pay & Trade Retention for the Parkland shutdown are provided in the following links:   Travel :   Trade Retention:   Eligibility Map:

Boilermaker Scholarship Opportunity

  Dependents of Boilermaker members are eligible for scholarships of up to $5,000. Beginning in 2022, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers awards up to $100,000 worth of scholarships to dependents of members, including those in Canada and the U.S.   Please follow this link for more information:  

2022 Pension Banquet Pictures

  Click the headline to view the photos from the 2022 Pension Banquet or click this link:  

2022 Year End Newsletter & Business Managers Report

Business Manager Report Looking back over the last year, it’s incredible to see just how many accomplishments the Boilermakers of Lodge 359 have achieved, along with the incredible patience and pride that were shown by the members through all of the very challenging moments that were encountered along the way. The challenge with the surprise […]

Benefits Plan Provider Change Information

Benefits Plan Move To Canada Life

All dental and extended heath claims are moving to Canada Life effective December 1, 2022. Member’s ID number is the SAME as it was with Manulife. Policy number is 052484. Canada Life typically DOES NOT provide plastic member cards, however as an exception they are providing Boilermakers with 1 card per member for all members […]