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Getting work through Boilermakers Lodge 359

Step 1: Find out what jobs are available

Step 2: Post-In to the 359 Travel Card List

  • All travel cards must apply for jobs through the IBB travel card website.

Step 3: Dispatch

  • Dispatching begins at 9:00 am PST until finished.
  • After a dispatch has been accepted, a Travel Card must be deposited.
  • If you are NOT called it is because the jobs are filled or the Dispatch department ran out of time.

Step 4: If you are not called

  • Return to Step 1.

Travel Card Welders:

  • Pressure welders in British Columbia are now required to hold a Class A certificate of qualification.
  • Welders from another province interested in working in B.C. as a Pressure welder may be able to apply for a reciprocal Class A Pressure Welder Certificate through Technical Safety B.C. TSBC works with industry and the public to reduce safety risk through permits, licensing, enforcement, education and delivery of safety programs related to boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping in British Columbia. To find out if you meet the requirements please check the link below:


  • Confined Space
  • Fall Arrest
  • Quantitative Fit Test
  • CSTS 09