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Boilermakers Lodge 359
Powell River
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Rob Kappel
QCC Representative
Boilermaker Members

Phone: 778.369.3590
Fax: 778.369.3595

Borys Lessy
QCC Representative
Metal Trades U/A Local 170

Phone: (604) 526-0441 Ext. 240
Fax: (604) 526-5472

This is a National Agreement administered jointly by the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and the United Association in Canada.

In British Columbia, the Quality Control members are serviced by the Boilermakers Lodge 359 and the United Association, Local 170, since 1973. The Quality Control members are divided in half between Lodge 359 and Local 170.

We bargain nationally for the national section of the Agreement and regionally for the Pacific Region of the Agreement.

Brother Rob Kappel is the QCC Representative for members at Boilermakers Lodge 359.

Brother Borys Lessy is the QCC Representative for members at U/A Local 170.

D.A. Townley is the Health & Welfare and Pension Benefits Plan Administrator for all Quality Control members in Canada. They may be contacted locally at:

Phone: 604-299-7482
Toll Free: 1-800-663-1356

QCC Website: