Site C Hydro Clean Energy Project Update

The Site C Hydro Dam Project has started to recall employees back to work with regards to the penstock and power house areas. Groupe LAR has sent in a recall order (includes days and nights) for members to start on June 8, 2020 for a work schedule of 21 days followed by a layoff and a recall to start 21 days later. A second work schedule will start on June 29, 2020 for a work schedule of 21 days followed by a layoff and a recall. This schedule is of course subject to change as flights become available to and from Fort St. John and is in response to the COVID-19 development plans to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus at the workplace.

To safely return to work, the employer must develop a plan to maintain physical distancing at the workplace with the first consideration being how many workers need to be on site for each scope of work. Workers should expect the right to a safe and healthy workplace, known hazards in their workplace and the right to refuse unsafe work without repercussion.

Members should expect changes to their workplace during this process. This may include new signage about hand washing expectations along with protocols to be put into place for cleaning and disinfecting.

You can visit WorkSafeBC’s COVID-19 health and safety: Cleaning and disinfecting for information that should address most workplace cleaning concerns.

Site C Construction Schedule: May 30 – June 12, 2020

COVID-19 update

The below link is a Site C video that was just released by the Building Trades in co-operation with BC Hydro:

Watch: Site C dam construction, May 2020