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September 2017 Newsletter

Sep 14, 2017

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Lodge 359 Members Recognized For Professionalism

As many of you are aware, the presence of unionized craft has been significantly reduced in the northern sector of British Columbia, especially within the natural gas sector. Our members when given the opportunity need to showcase their abilities in order to prove without doubt that Lodge 359 should remain the preferred choice of tradespeople, especially when alternative work forces are constantly looking to fill the maintenance and turnaround needs of Spectra/Enbridge.

In June of this year, Lodge 359 members were dispatched to the Taylor, McMahon Process Plant near Fort. St. John B.C. through BCA contractor Altex Field Services. Although the predominant workforce on site was non-union, Lodge 359 members stood out as the most professional workforce, receiving commendation from the contactor, the non-union prime contractor and the plant managers themselves.

As an example of what proud union Boilermakers can accomplish, the individuals on this project have helped pave the way to a potential future within these facilities once again. Below are two statements submitted to the Union acknowledging Lodge 359 members and their efforts throughout the turnaround:

“The 359 members on the Altex/Spectra Job have done amazing work. The welders continue to perform on a difficult patch job and it has been recognized by the client. The job continues, however, I wanted you to know it’s been a privilege to work with such professional members.

Wil Ranger, BM
Field Supervisor / Altex Industries, Edmonton”

Altex Logo
“Thank you Wil and all of your team for the outstanding work that was done and the professionalism of the Boilermakers of Local 359.

Dan Morrison
Facility Integrity”

Enbridge Logo


Boilermakers Lodge 359 would like to thank Enbridge and Altex for their kind words, we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial future together.

Site C

Voith Hydro Canada was awarded the Site C Turbines & Generators contract on April 6, 2017. Voith will design, supply and install six vertical turbines, six generators and associated equipment. Six Boilermakers started work September 11th on the approximate two year on site fabrication of the components.  About forty Boilermakers will be on site during the peak of installation.

The procurement, fabrication and erection of six penstocks each ten meters in diameter and eighty meters in length have not yet been awarded. The short list of bidders are Aecon-Flatiron-Dragados-EBC JV, Bechtel Canada Co., Peace River Hydro Partners 2, Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co. The date for final submission of bids to BC Hydro is October 13, 2017.

Site C T&G Fab Shop Photos

Site C T & G Fab Shop Photo
Teck Acid Plant 2

In August of 2017 CIMS Limited Partnership was awarded the construction work on Acid Plant 2. The first Boilermakers were dispatched to start work on August the 28th and there are currently 10 members on site. We expect that more orders will come in this fall as construction progresses.

Ironworkers Local 97/CLAC Partnership

The following statement was provided by Boilermaker IVP Joseph Maloney;

This is certainly historical times in British Columbia.

As many of you may have already heard, BC Ironworkers local 97 has entered into an agreement with CLAC. What can only be described as a self serving agreement, the end result is that they will be coming after our work and that of the other trades. This arrangement will end up being a race to the bottom on wages and conditions. I don’t know at this point what the other trades are doing (if anything) about this but I do know we have to protect ourselves from this attack. I am suggesting very strongly that we develop a Province wide maintenance agreement to keep our fair contractors competitive and start increasing our market share. Your existing construction agreement will not be able to compete. Once CLAC and the Ironworkers start moving in on us and the other trades it will be difficult to fight them. We have to be proactive and get prepared. This agreement is also going to move into other jurisdictions of the country so I ask that 359 take a leadership role in fighting this.

Joe Maloney M.S.C.
International Vice President

The following statement was released on IBEW 213’s facebook page on Monday September the 11th;


Please be advised that it has recently been brought to my attention that Local 97 of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers (IW) in British Columbia have entered into an agreement with the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC). Immediately upon becoming aware of this troubling situation I contacted the Canadian Director of the Building Trades Bob Blakely and have learned that a conference call has been scheduled with the Canadian Executive Board of the Building Trades, of which I am a member to discuss necessary steps moving forward. The British Columbia Building Trades held an emergency meeting yesterday, September 6, 2017, and have voted to censure Local 97. I will keep you apprised of any developments in this situation as I become aware of them.

In solidarity,

Bill Daniels
International Vice President”

Please click here to view the agreement.

Apprenticeship and Trade Advancement

The table below represents 5 levels of Apprentice training achieved as compared to the total number of work hours for each level and the number of Apprentices which fall into each catagory.

BM 01 is Foundation, BM 02 is Level 2 Upgrade, BM 03 is Level 3 Upgrade, BM 04 is Level 4 Refresher Course, BM IP is Boilermaker Inter-Provincial Red Seal.

BM – 01 22 0 0 0 0 0 22
BM – 02 24 12 4 4 2 0 46
BM – 03 1 13 7 4 0 3 28
BM – 04 0 1 1 0 1 0 3
BM – IP 0 4 11 4 7 5 31
TOTALS 47 30 23 12 10 8 130
Course Type Location Dates
Forklift & Aerial Lift Training Joe Kiwior – Ivan Shook Training Centre November/December 2017
Apprentice Level 4 Upgrade Joe Kiwior – Ivan Shook Training Centre January 2018
Apprentice Level 2 Upgrade BCIT January 8 to February 9, 2018

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