Job Ready Dispatch

The following post regarding the Job Ready Dispatch program is in part taken directly from Business Manager Nicholson’s letter to the Lodge 359 Field Construction Membership. Information about how the program will work for our membership and employers has been added to the end of the original letter.

Job Ready Dispatch (JRD)

As many members are becoming aware of Job Ready Dispatch requirements across the country, it should be of no surprise that the Owner/Clients in British Columbia are beginning to demand this very concept here at home, and are starting to request that contractors and their crews be prepared to start working the moment they arrive to site. A Lodge 359 committee and the BCA of British Columbia have met a number of times to discuss the importance of maintaining and remaining competitive. Together we have looked at ways to improve our marketability, one of which is the Job Ready Dispatch approach.

It has been agreed between Lodge 359 and the BCA of BC to implement the JRD program as described below. A copy of the LoU has also been provided in this mail out for your reference.

The JRD program shall be funded by an amendment to the Wage and Benefit Schedule of the Collective Agreement. An Employer only contribution to the JRD program of $0.30 per hour earned as a separate line item will become effective March 4, 2018.

So what exactly is Job Ready Dispatch and what are the benefits to the Boilermakers?

For members of Lodge 359, Job Ready Dispatch will consist of 4 core certifications. These core certifications will be required by each member in order to be dispatched to work as of September 1, 2018.

Each member of Lodge 359 will be required to obtain these 4 core certifications. Upon successful completion, you will send a copy of your certificate along with receipt of payment to the Lodge 359 Training department and you will then be reimbursed 100% of your certificate cost.

Adopting a program such as this will not only satisfy the growing requests of the Clients we work for, but will also allow our members to travel more freely to other jurisdictions without being out of pocket for the costs associated with having to obtain these training certificates on their own. The Boilermakers have led the charge in most avenues throughout history and we feel by taking the lead in British Columbia by implementing the Job Ready Dispatch program, we will show the Clients and potential new Clients that we are willing to work with them to create a more viable workforce that is ready to work the moment they arrive to site.

What if I already have some of the required certifications?

The Union understands that a number of our members may have recently obtained some or all of the required certifications prior to the announcement of the Lodge 359 program, and as such, we have looked at ways to compensate those members in a fair manner. Members who have acquired any of the core certifications listed above that are not yet expired and which have 12 months or more time remaining before expiring will be reimbursed through the ATAC Fund. You must submit a copy of your certificate(s) along with receipt of payment(s) to the Training department and you will be reimbursed on a pro-rated basis.

Where can these certifications be obtained?

Attached to this letter is a list of the current service providers located within British Columbia, an up to date list will also be maintained on the Unions website on the Apprenticeship and Training page.

What’s next?

I have directed Business Representative Jordan Streng and Training Coordinator Gord Weel to immediately begin arranging member meetings throughout the Province in order to discuss the JRD program. Meeting dates will be announced on the nightly dispatch tape and on the Union’s website once they become available.

How do I submit my certificates and receipts to the Union?

You can bring copies into the office. You can scan copies and email them to You can take a photo with a smart phone and email them to Copies must be legible or you will be required to resend.

How does the Dispatcher know that I have my certificates?

Once you submit your certificates and receipt of payment to the Training department, Administrative Assistant Jamie White will enter your documents into the UnionWare data base and the documents will link to the Dispatch module. Next to each members name within the Dispatch module will be a column entitled JRD. Within that column will be a “Yes” or a “No”. Yes means all of your certificates are current, No means that at least one of your certificates has expired or you have never submitted all of the required certificates. If you have a “No” next to your name come September 1, 2018, the Dispatcher will not be able to send you to work.

90 days prior to the expiry of any of your certificates an auto email will be sent by the UnionWare system warning you that a certificate is about to expire. You should take immediate steps at that time to insure that your certificates remain current.

How does the Employer access my certificates?

Within the UnionWare system is a module known as TransferLink. Our Employers have the ability to request a username and password from the Union to access this secured module. Through this module our Employers can submit Work Orders, Remittances and Certificates. Employers can access and print any dispatch orders related to their company only. Employers can also access and print all safety certificates which are related to their work orders for their company only. For example, if 100 members are dispatched to a job, once that order is filled, the employer will be able to download a zip file containing all of the safety certificates related to those members who are dispatched to the employers job site. These certificates will then be available to WorkSafeBC upon a request of an audit, they can also be shared with the Owner/Clients as proof of training.

It is very important to note that Employers cannot access any members personal or private information through TransferLink.

Letter of Understanding

Please click here to view the Letter of Understanding between Lodge 359 and the BCA of BC.