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Farrah Fights CDG

Sep 29, 2016

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Boilermakers working at the Fort Nelson Spectra Energy site have reached out in support of the local community to assist with a great fundraising program for a young girl with a very rare congenital disorder known as CDG (Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation). Our members have organized a number of 50/50 card draws to help assist in the fundraising efforts. Lodge 359 was also contacted to determine if there were any other measures that could be taken to continue with the fundraising efforts. As a result, at our last monthly Union meeting a motion was put forward and unanimously approved to donate $4000.00 to the FOG or Foundation Glycosylation in Saint John, New Brunswick. The Foundation Glycosylation (the FoG) supports research for the development of therapies targeting CDG, helps raise awareness of the disorder, and advocates for individuals living with these rare enzyme deficiencies. 

letter acknowledging the donation by 359’s membership will soon be hand delivered to the parents of Farrah by the crew members.

We sincerely wish the family well.

Lodge 359 Staff

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