Business Manager’s Update Regarding COVID-19

  • General Office hours are being reduced to the following for the week of March 23rd through March 27th. Walk in traffic remains closed, and the training center also remains closed.
    • Monday-Thursday 8am-3pm
    • Friday 8am-12noon
  • We continue to receive emergency job orders for various contractors and clients around the Province and we are doing all we can to assist these clients in maintaining their facilities. If you are called by dispatch for an emergency job you will be asked all the questions regarding your health, travel, and personal contact history and you must only accept the job if you are able. You will probably be asked to have your temperature taken at the gate before being allowed onsite and you must be ok to go to work.
  • As Parkland Refinery has been deemed an essential service, the work to get it back online continues and we very much appreciate everyone still working long and hard hours to do just that. Please support those Boilermakers and their families any way you can.
  • YVR tank project continues at this time and will assess their job as time goes on.
  • Site C and Pembina/Prince Rupert jobs will be shut down for the Boilermakers by the end of this week.
  • All Union office staff are now on alternating days in the office and working remotely from home, or taking vacation time. For general emails please send to and they will be forwarded accordingly. Staff are also available on their work emails. We are reviewing office staffing levels going forward and will reduce staff as its deemed necessary.
  • For anyone laid off, post your name back through Memberlink if possible. If you are not registered on Memberlink, and the posting phone line is closed, please email all your relevant posting details that would normally be given when posting to
  • All staff including Admin and BM staff emails can be found here;
  • Please see other useful links at the bottom of this notice and stay safe out there.

Jordan Streng and Staff
Boilermakers Lodge 359

Helpful Links:

WorkSafe BC Website:

Business Manager’s Update Regarding COVID-19

  • Please be aware that we will begin limiting work being done from the general office as of today. If you need to contact us, please email with your queries and include a contact number where you can be reached. We will continue to monitor this email through the times that contact by phone is not available. We plan to have phone and posting lines open on Monday morning at this time.

  • For anyone laid off, post your name back through Memberlink if possible. If you are not registered on Memberlink, and the posting phone line is closed, please email all your relevant posting details that would normally be given when posting to
  • Site C work site is now being shut down except for essential and critical path work. The Boilermakers are currently not involved in those categories so we expect that all Boilermakers onsite will be sent home over the next week as the site is secured and transportation can be arranged.
  • Pembina/Horton in Prince Rupert is now being shutdown, with those Boilermakers onsite being sent home over the next week as the site is secured and transportation can be arranged.
  • We are obtaining up to date crew lists for all jobs being shut down due to COVID-19 and we will be recalling all those that were on each of those jobs as soon as they re-start. All Lodge 359 members laid off must post their names back onto our out of work list.
  • The office and training center remain closed to all walk in traffic. We are working towards a remote work arrangement for some staff in order to limit contact, but we will attempt to maintain basic operations for the near future.
  • We are communicating with BCIT and the ITA regarding the recent level 3 class and the postponed Foundations class to ensure students are informed on what is happening with their Red Seal testing and Foundations class start dates. Apprentices and students can call and speak to Jamie or Gord next week if they have any questions.
  • The International President has given the Canadian Business Managers the ability to cancel the April and May monthly Union meetings as required, and the decision has been made to cancel the April meeting. A decision on the May meeting has not been made at this time.

Please stay safe and we will continue to update as necessary.


Jordan Streng and Staff
Boilermakers Lodge 359

Helpful Links:

WorkSafe BC Website:

Business Manager’s Update Regarding COVID-19

Business Manager Jordan Streng and the Union’s staff want to ensure that the members are being kept up to date on the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic are having on our membership and our work picture. We will be updating the membership through regular notices such as this and will be posting on our Website and Facebook page. Updates may also appear on the nightly job-line if they are directly related to the work picture and of an immediate nature.

Please be patient and understand that the Union, the Contractors, and the Owner/Clients are in a rapidly evolving situation and no one entity has all of the answers that we are asking at this moment. We will attempt to keep you up to date on the work, dispatch, and H&W side, but please keep informed through your local and national news feeds for all general information.

We are recommending that all members be prepared for a considerable delay to the start of the spring shutdown season, and the work and pay cheques that come along with it. Current jobs may also be postponed as employers and owners assess their individual jobs and requirements.

  • The Union’s General Office and Dispatch will remain open for now, but we are no longer allowing in person visits at the office to ensure services can continue. Please call the office at 778.369.3590, email , or visit our Website and/or Memberlink at if you require assistance. Our H&W administrator, BG Benefits, can be reached at 1.877.926.4537.
  • Lodge 359 is participating in a regularly scheduled conference call with all Canadian Lodges and staff, being chaired by our Boilermaker National Health and Safety Director Jason McInnis, to ensure we are all following best practices and have a uniform response plan across Canada.
  • We are requiring that anyone who is feeling ill or who has travelled outside of Canada recently, refrain from accepting any dispatches to jobs for a minimum of 14 days.

  • The Harmac, Nanaimo shutdown that was scheduled for prep work to start today, with the shutdown to follow on Monday March 23, has been postponed. As we receive further information on a new start date we will advise the membership. If you were dispatched to the Harmac prep, please re-post your name under 40 hours.
  • If jobs are cancelled, postponed or current jobs are put on hold, we will adjust our recall and dispatch provisions as required, and we will ensure that those who are currently working can return to those jobs when they re-start.
  • We have posted general information and safety rules to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading rapidly in a previous post, so please read and follow those recommendations.
  • The Federal Government has removed the 1 week waiting period for EI Benefits for sick benefits. See the link here

Please keep in touch with the website and we will post more information as it becomes available.


Jordan Streng and Staff
Boilermakers Lodge 359

COVID-19 Update

In order to ensure the Boilermakers Lodge 359 General Office can continue to serve the Membership during this COVID-19 pandemic we are not allowing walk-ins to the office or the Training Center until further notice. Members can call the General Office at 778 369 3590 or email with any questions/concerns that they may have.

Members with concerns regarding Extended Medical Benefits and Health and Welfare please contact Bilsland Griffith at 1 877 926 4537.

The Harmac Shutdown in Nanaimo has been postponed until further notice any member that has accepted the job please post under forty.  The Boilermakers Lodge 359 will be providing more information in regards to ongoing jobs as well as future shutdowns to our website as it becomes available.


Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 globally, Construction Labour Relations (CLR) and the BC Building Trades (BCBT) are proactively trying to limit the spread of infection in the workplace.

Our shared priority is the health, safety and welfare of our 35,000 members and signatory contractors.

Although the Public health Agency of Canada has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as low for the general population, we must all remain vigilant in order to protect public health.

Health Canada recommends the following procedures to increase proper hygiene and reduce the risk of infection or spreading infection to others:

  • wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after using the washroom and when preparing food;
  • use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available;
  • when coughing or sneezing:
    • cough or sneeze into a tissue or the bend of your arm, not your hand
    • dispose of any tissues you have used as soon as possible in a lined waste basket and wash your hands afterwards;
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands

SYMPTOMS: The following are common symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Dry cough

RISK: You are at a greater risk for COVID-19 If:

  • You have recently travelled to a COVID-19 impacted area
  • You have been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19
  • You have been in close contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has been to a COVID-19 impacted area

If you experience the symptoms above AND/OR you have a higher risk of developing COVID-19, please contact your health care provider. You can also call 811 to speak with a registered nurse.

**Please note that the federal government has announced changes to the Employment Insurance program waiving the mandatory one-week waiting period, allowing those who self-isolate or quarantine to apply for support immediately.

CLR and BCBT will continue to monitor the outbreak and provide guidance as directed by public health agencies.


Health Canada

BC Centre for Disease Control

World Health Organization

New Alternative To Make A Health & Welfare “Self-Payment”


Effective immediately, for members who receive a self-pay notice from the Plan administrator for continuing coverage under the Health and Welfare Plan, you will be able to make the payment directly from your bank account, provided your financial institution has added the Boilermakers 359 Health and Welfare Plan as a vendor.

To set this up, log onto your online banking site and search for “Boilermakers 359 Health/Welfare Plan” as a vendor or payee for bill payments. Please note that some financial institutions may have abbreviated the vendor name during the online banking set up, make sure that “359” is included in the name you select. Please be very careful when selecting the vendor as there are other vendors with similar names.


Your account number is your Manulife ID which is found on your direct pay card as well as on your self-pay notice.

IMPORTANT: When you transfer the funds to the Boilermakers 359 Health/Welfare Plan using online banking, please pay the exact amount on the self-pay notice. You may not “prepay” for coverage for months in the future. You may only pay the amount shown on your self-pay notice. Any over-payment will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee, any balance remaining after the administrative fee is charged will be refunded to you and NOT used as a credit towards future coverage.

When you transfer the funds to the Boilermakers 359 Health/Welfare Plan using online banking, you are certifying that you are paying either the subsidized or unsubsidized self-payment amount based on your employment as stated on your self-payment notice:

SUBSIDIZED SELF-PAYMENT: During the work month for which you were not employed or, if you were, it was ONLY with an employer required to make contributions on your behalf of the Boilermakers Lodge 359 Health & Welfare Fund.

UNSUBSIDIZED SELF-PAYMENT: During the work month, you were employed by an employer who is NOT required to make contributions to the Boilermakers Lodge 359 Health & Welfare Plan.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the Plan administrator at 1-877-926-4537 for further instructions.


Boilermaker Foundation Course Tuition Reimbursement

The Boilermakers Lodge 359 Apprenticeship and Trade Advancement Committee is pleased to announce that the Union will be pay the full tuition for the March Boilermaker foundation course at BCIT subject to the following condition. Tuition will only be reimbursed to those who successfully complete the Boilermaker foundation course. It is important to note that this reimbursement offer is only available for new apprentices attending the March 2020 foundation course. Please contact the Coordinator at 778-369-3590 for more information.

Gord Weel
Boilermakers Lodge 359
Apprenticeship and Trade Advancement Coordinator

December 2019 Newsletter

Update: Regarding the dissolution of the BCA of BC

We have had zero communication from the BCA regarding the dissolution of the BCA of BC despite many attempts on the Union’s part. The Union has nevertheless learned that the BCA of BC Board of Directors and employers have voted in favour of dissolving the association in BC. We have also learned that they have now taken the further step of recommending to their contractors that they should join the CLRA of BC.

We are working with our legal counsel to ensure that our members rights are protected to every extent possible, and the members have passed a motion to fund the legal costs enabling us to do that at the November meeting. The International President and the VP of Canada have also approved the funding of these legal costs. Our objective now is to follow all possible avenues in order to maintain our current industry standard Collective Agreement and to fight the unwarranted and unjust position taken by the BCA of BC and its member contractors to try and circumvent the very fundamentals of the collective bargaining process.

The Union has already filed one unfair labour practice at the BC Labour Relations Board, and we foresee others in the near future. We continue discussing the potential benefits of signing a renewed agreement as independents with individual contractors, but are also confident that the BCA Agreement as we know it can remain the industry standard agreement for the majority of our Boilermaker work no matter who the contractor’s bargaining agent may be, and this is our main focus at this time.

As more information becomes available in the new year, we will continue to provide updates.

Lower Mainland Tank Work, Site C Dam, Pembina Prince Rupert Propane Spheres

We are already experiencing issues supplying manpower to these projects. We need the membership to rethink where their pay cheques may be coming from for the next few years, and to start looking beyond the maintenance shutdowns that we are familiar with here in BC, and start planning around longer term jobs like the ones above. Although we are actively seeking to have these jobs filled by current members, the reality is that if members continue to refuse these jobs, they will have to be filled by others including travel cards, projos, retirees, and permits. The worst case scenario is that if our contractors can’t fill manpower requirements, the owner/client community may look elsewhere to fill the void.

The Union is now looking at a welder apprenticeship program that will fit in with the changes to the new Technical Safety BC welder program, and can assist in supplying welders to these projects. We are also actively recruiting at the welding colleges and trade shows, and have advertisements and pamphlets being utilized in various areas.

There are still spaces in the March BCIT Foundations Program also, if anyone knows of a good Boilermaker Red Seal candidate they can contact Gord Weel at our office, or BCIT directly.

Lower Mainland Tanks- over 20 tanks awarded over the next two years, with 6 in Richmond already started, North Van and YVR tanks beginning soon, and approximately 14 tanks at Burnaby Mountain scheduled for a summer of 2020 start.

Site C Dam- two contracts at Site C. The Penstocks and the Turbine/Generator are both ongoing and will continue to ramp up and be ongoing for the next few years.

Pembina Spheres – Ongoing work here and will continue through most of 2020.

Health & Welfare Plan Improvements

The Trustees of the Health and Welfare Plan have been hearing from many members regarding the phase out of provincial MSP premiums, and are inquiring how that effects the H&W Plan. It certainly does help the plan to defer increases to the premiums due to the increasing cost of healthcare, but there is also opportunity for improvements in the plan.

We are happy to report that the Trustees have recently voted on and passed improvements to the plan and our plan administrator, Bilsland Griffith Benefit Administrators will be sending out a detailed information package directly to plan members on these improvements.

Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Objections

Members who filed notices of objections with the CRA after their re-assessments regarding travel, overtime meals, etc.., have been receiving letters from the CRA asking for certain further information. We recommend reading your letter carefully and supplying the additional information that was not supplied originally. If you require your work history, it is available to you through your MemberLink account, and if you cannot access it there we can help you with that if you call the general office. Our Collective Agreements are all on our website and can be downloaded and then Articles cut and pasted if you require copies of any specific Articles that they are requiring.

We remain committed to following up with new and/or amended Collective Agreement language to assist the membership and our contractors in being compliant with the CRA, but until we get some understand from the CRA about what that compliance actually is, we are limited in what’s available to us other than just throwing darts at a board.

Until that time, and we suggest that going forward on every job, please track all of your expenses diligently. There are many apps available out there now that can assist greatly with this, otherwise keep everything and write down everything in a log book.

Boilermakers Lodge 359 Sticker Contest

Send us your designs and we’ll pick a winner (or winners!) in February and have some new decals made soon after.


  1. All artwork MUST be submitted to by February 1, 2020.
  2. Artwork should be kept to a standard sticker size, which is roughly 2.5”x2.5”.
  3. Once submitted, all copyrights are with Lodge 359 and may be produced by us as Lodge 359 promotional materials such as stickers, clothing, window decals, hats, etc. at our exclusive discretion.
  4. All artwork submitted MUST be an original of the contest participant and have no copyrights attached.
  5. This contest is open to all Lodge 359 members or their relatives, and to all ages.
  6. Lodge 359 has the right to modify any artwork that is submitted.
  7. The winner, or winners, will be contacted and asked to come to Lodge 359 to pick up their prize.  If the winner is unable to pick up their prize then Lodge 359 will mail the prize to the winner.

Apprenticeship and Trade Advancement

The new pressure welder program is now open for applications. Members who are currently working as pressure welders and meet certification requirements can transition to this program without fees before December 3, 2020. New graduates, apprentices, and pressure welders from outside of BC can apply for a certificate without fees before January 3, 2020. Members requiring assistance can send copies of the required documentation to the Apprenticeship and Trade Advancement office and Lodge 359 will submit the application to Technical Safety B.C.

Learn more about the program and how to apply.

Pressure welders in British Columbia are required to hold this certificate of qualification. This nationally recognized program assesses a welder’s skills and abilities, ensuring all pressure welders in BC are working to the relevant codes and standards.


  1. Complete and submit the application form for Transition to Class A:

Step 1:

Pressure welders currently working in BC can transition to a class A certificate of qualification without fees, provided they meet the below requirements and apply to transition before December 3, 2020.

If you do not apply to transition to a class A certificate of qualification by December 3, 2020, you will need to apply for a new certificate of qualification and pay the appropriate fees.

To be eligible to transition to a class A pressure welder certificate of qualification, you must:

  • have successfully completed one of the following welding performance qualification tests:
    • SMAW process using E6010 and E7018 electrodes
    • GTAW & SMAW processes using ER70S and E7018 filler metals
  • provide a copy of the appropriate pages in your logbook or other evidence demonstrating that you have welded to this procedure at least once every six months since the welding performance qualification test (View Example). Please note: if you cannot prove continuity, you will need to either contact your previous or current employer(s) to enter all related continuity dates or you can retake the welding performance qualification tests.

And provide one of the following:

  • A welder certificate of qualification with Red Seal Endorsement issued by Industry Training Authority (ITA)
  • A welder level B or A certificate of qualification with or without Red Seal Endorsement issued by ITA
  • A welder trade qualification with or without a Red Seal Endorsement issued by an apprenticeship authority in another jurisdiction of Canada
  • A Canadian credential authorizing the holder to perform pressure welding in another Canadian jurisdiction. This should be equivalent to the regulated work of a pressure welder’s certificate of qualification authorized to perform under the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation

If you have welded to the procedures required but do not have the welding qualifications required for transition, contact Industry Training Authority BC to challenge the red seal exam. If you have a replacement logbook from the ITA, we can enter all welding performance qualification tests taken before December 3, 2019, for a fee. Any tests taken after December 3, 2019, must be entered by the Recognized Test Administrator you took the test with. To enter all related continuity dates, contact your previous or current employer(s).

Step 2:

You need to provide proof (colour photocopies) that you meet all the eligibility requirements, listed in step 1, for the certificate class you are applying for. When you submit your documents please block out any personally identifiable information such as SIN, birth date, and picture. Your full name, if applicable, should be visible on any uploaded documents.

Step 3:

You will need to complete and submit your application form for your respective class along with documents that prove you meet the minimum requirements. Submit your application online below:

Members requiring assistance with the application form please call the Apprenticeship and Trade Advancement Office and we will provide assistance to facilitate the transition. Please let me know if you have any questions or require any further information.

Boilermakers Shop Update

The shops have been steady throughout the year with limited fluctuation in the amount of members working. Peerless had disappointing summer with the uncertainty in the forest industry but are still employing over 90 members. The remaining shops have stayed status quo and look to continue the pace in 2020. We are currently in the process of bargaining with Valmont and InterKraft which are two long time valued fabrication shops of the Boilermakers Lodge 359. We are hopeful that we’ll have new collective agreements in place to start the New Year.

Lodge 359 Apparel

We have some new items available for our members to show off their Lodge 359 pride. We recently updated our hats which have received great reviews from the members so far.  We also have 4 new styles of t-shirts in all sizes along with plenty of stock from the collection that was released in spring of this year such as hoodies, long sleeves and Tough Duck jackets. Stop in at the General Office and purchase your new swag today!

On behalf of all the staff we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years, and we will see you all in 2020!!

2019 Children’s Christmas Party

On December the 7th the Children’s Christmas Party was held at the Union’s meeting hall. A special thank you goes out to Santa’s helpers Emily, Lauren and Genevieve.


Important Information Regarding The BCA of BC

Attention all Lodge 359 Field Members

It has come to the attention of the Union that further to the July 30th enablement request by the BCA of BC, and the subsequent decision by CIMS Limited Partnership to give notice to the BCA of BC to withdraw from the BCA of BC, we learned late last week that the BCA of BC is now holding a vote to dissolve the BCA of BC, as per a recommendation made by their Board of Directors. Please click here to view the BCA letter. They are holding a special called meeting to discuss and vote on that proposal this Friday, November the 8th.

The Union has since been in contact with many of our BCA contractors over the weekend, and have also sent a letter with our position on this vote and its possible ramifications, which we have attached here for your information, please click here to view the Union letter.

Please be assured that we are continuing to do whatever is necessary to protect the rights of the Union, and of the membership, and will update you again once we have further information on this evolving situation. We want you to know there are actions being taken by the Union, but we do not wish to discuss these in a public forum at this time.

Fraternally yours,

Jordan Streng
Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer
Boilermakers Lodge 359