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Boilermakers Lodge 359 Makes Donation To Canuck Place!

Aug 18, 2023

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On Thursday August 17th, the staff of Lodge 359 were proud to present Canuck Place representative Chantelle Bowles with two cheques amounting $12,670 for the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

Every year Boilermakers Lodge 359 dedicates the annual golf tournament 50/50 draw to Canuck Place. In  addition to the 50/50 draw, there were also a number of sponsorship donations from Lodge 359 colleagues which amounted to the sum of $2,670. The Trustees of the Boilermakers Lodge 359 Pension plan were also able to make a substantial donation of $10,000 which was graciously furnished by one of the plans fund managers.

Canuck Place is renowned for its dedication to providing specialized pediatric care, comfort, support and a sense of belonging to families facing life-limiting illnesses. The donation underscores the power of goodwill and a collective effort to foster hope, alleviate suffering and bring smiles to faces that have often seen more than their fair share of challenges. The funds will go towards enhancing the quality of care provided, helping families navigate their journeys with greater ease.

Thank you to all who participated, these small acts of kindness ripple out into the world, creating a wave of positivity.


Jeremy Kwok
President, Boilermakers Lodge 359

Click the link to see Canucks Place Annual report

4 people holding large cheque for donation to Canuck Place
4 people holding large cheque for donation to Canuck Place

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