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Site C Dam – Penstocks

Site C Penstock Installation As most of you are aware, the Boilermakers currently employed at the Site C Dam are working under a Special Project Needs Agreement (SPNA) negotiated for the Turbine and Generator project (T&G). This contract was awarded by BC Hydro to Voith Hydro Inc. Fabrication work of the T&G components is being […]

January 2019 Newsletter

What Else You Can Do To Help Save A Life Establishing a Drug-Free Workplace To discourage substance abuse and promote rehabilitation through a policy, does the following: Educates employees about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Makes employees aware of counseling and rehab services that are available. Provides access to health insurance and substance […]

2019 Monthly Dues

Please be advised that International Headquarters has issued an increase to monthly dues, as of January 1, 2019 the rate is $47.80 per month.

Christmas Union Meeting

To all members, the December 5, 2018 General Membership Meeting dinner will be held at the Langley Cascades Casino, if you are planning on attending, please call the general office at 778-369-3590 to add your name to the attendance list. Thank you and we hope to see you there.

Website Update – Events Calendar Added

A “Calendars” link has been added to the navigation menu on the website. There are two sub pages within the Calendar link, “Training Events” and “Union Events”. All upcoming events will now be announced on the Calendar. fraternally, Lodge 359 Staff