Important Message From The Training Coordinator

Technical Safety BC and the Industry Training Authority (ITA) have provided the Union with the following email regarding changes to the pressure welding program.

As these changes will affect a majority of our member welders I cannot stress how important that it is for you to read the email which includes several important links and to provide your feedback to Meryl Howell-Fellows of Technical Safety BC.

From: Technical Safety BC Stakeholder Engagement []
Sent: May 21, 2019 4:10 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Feedback on new pressure welder program

Good afternoon, Gordon:

Technical Safety BC invites you and your members to comment on the new pressure welder program and associated fees, which will be introduced in December 2019. Please forward this information to your members, who may be interested in the upcoming changes.

Read details on the new program.

The changes are designed to align with ITABC’s new red seal program for welders. As part of the new program:

  • Three new classes of pressure welder certificates of qualification are introduced:
    • Class A can perform registered pressure welds on any pressure equipment in BC. Pressure welders already working in the industry can apply to transition for a Class A pressure welder certificate of qualification, with no application or evaluation fee, provided they meet all transition criteria. Read the detailed transition requirements. Class A pressure welders will also need to complete a practical test every three years to renew their certificate.
    • Class R can perform a limited scope of pressure welding work on specific equipment or sites.
    • Class IT can perform pressure welds as an apprentice under supervision, which allows apprentice welders to obtain practical experience welding on regulated pressure equipment that previously was not possible.
  • New applicants for the Class A, Class R, and Class IT classes of pressure welding certificate of qualification will need to complete a practical test for their certification at a facility that can accommodate these tests; and
  • Recognized testing administrators will be responsible for recording the successful completion of welding performance qualification tests in welders’ logbooks.

Throughout May to July, we will be gathering industry feedback on the new program and the associated fees. If the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers is interested, we would like to meet with you to get your thoughts on whether the new pressure welder program works for your members, whether you think the proposed fees are reasonable, suggested improvements to the program, and the reasons behind your opinions. You are also welcome to complete the online feedback form or attend an upcoming online meeting, and please let us know if you think an in-person meeting in your area would be well attended.

Please contact me at and we can arrange a meeting date at your convenience, either via video conference or in person. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

Meryl Howell-Fellows


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