Horton/Pembina Prince Rupert Orientation, Camp Details & Enabled Agreement

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The following details were provided by Horton with regards to the type of camp and its amenities.

The rooms are all executive rooms. They come with their own washroom within the room and a double bed.

The lodge has a recreation facility as well as a gym, both of which are available 24 hours.

Below is a list of features and amenities:


∙ Executive rooms

∙ Catered dining room

∙ Lounge

∙ Fitness Centre

∙ Wireless internet

∙ Vending machines

∙ Game tables

∙ Laundry facilities

∙ Parking spaces

∙ Full housekeeping and linen services


∙ Bed with premium mattress

∙ Bathroom and shower

∙ Desk, dressers and night tables

∙ 24” flat screen with satellite TV

∙ High-speed wireless internet

∙ Keyless room entry

∙ All-Inclusive Dining